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This 6 weeks online Productivity Course Monetizing Your Purpose: Create Your Millionaire Dream Life Plan is perfect for individuals transitioning in the following areas: marriage, divorce, having a baby, changing/leaving a career, entrepreneurship, college, loss a love one or being release from incarceration. 

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This course is ideal forĀ  individuals transitioning andĀ feeling overwhelmed.Ā  Women thatĀ are currently living an unhappy, unbalanced, underpaid and undervalued life.Ā 

Allow me to help with creating stability and prosperity in your personal,Ā professionalĀ & financial life by providing you with strategies on how to MONETIZE YOUR PURPOSE.Ā 

I created a system that provides strategic planning using my innovative 3M System: Mindset, Management & Money Goal Planning.Ā 

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Mindset ~ Management ~ Money

Millionaire Mindset 

Mindset Plan
Millionaire Mindset shifts that will allow you to stay FOCUSED on organizing your goals, creating balance and laying a solid foundation for your life.

Millionaire Dream Life

Management Plan.

Create a plan that focuses on the 3 major areas of your life...personal, business/career & financial.

Monetize Your Purpose

Money Goals
Finding your purpose to create a 6-7 figure financial plan doing what you love to do.

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Coach T. EnStacia White owner of DREAMS Org. LLC, which is a coaching firm that Impact, Inspire & Ignite women globally to move out of their comfort zone and leap into their passion driven purpose by creating a life plan.

Coach T. assists individuals with laying a solid foundation to a joyful, simplistic and prosperous life.

As an Organization, Prioritization and Monetization Specialist, she supports Gen X and Millennials that are transitioning in life with developing a life plan to organize, prioritize and simplify every area of life by creating a simplistic and prosperous 6 figure lifestyle.

In 2017 Coach T. EnStacia White created online courses designed for everyday people to LIVE YOUR MILLIONAIRE DREAM LIFE.

Using my many years of expertise I carefully laid out an ironclad road map with this online course Monetizing Your Purpose: Create Your Millionaire DREAMS Life Plan course.

This 6 week online course is designed to provide individuals with step by step strategies to create the life they envision.

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Yes you are not mistaken.  Anyone who registers for the LIVE YOUR MILLIONAIRE DREAM LIFE: Create Your 6-7 Figure Life Plan Online Course will receive this FREE GIFT from Coach T. (value of $200)

Millionaire Dream Life Planning Collection


The Millionaire Dream Life Planning Collection is definitely life changing.  This productivity organizer and planning system assist with creating balance in these 3 areas: Mindset, Management & Money. 

The Collection focuses on developing new productive life habits with time management , organizational skills, goal setting and financial stability.  The goal of this system is to create a well balanced, productive and lucrative lifestyle.

Once you register for the course you will receive the following: (pictured above)

* Millionaire Mindset Life Planner

* Millionaire Dream Life Guide Book

* DREAMERS Inspirational Journal

* Decorative Flower Pen




Shannon Norwood~

Just finished the first lesson. Live, Laugh & Love" Excited to focus on me and grow. Wanting to be more consistent Living life to the fullest. Laughing out loud instead of dwelling on the things that bring me down and last but not least is Loving everyone freely without my baggage getting in the way.



  Building a Legacy One Generation at a Time!

Coach T. EnStacia is a wife to a wonderful man of 24 years, mother of three gorgeous grown children and the grandmother of four.  She has 30 years of experience in education  and 21 years as a successful entrepreneur. She is also a community leader, youth advocate, inspirational speaker, 2 time author and nonprofit founder.  She is living her Millionaire DREAM Life!

I have master the art of SIMPLICITY  & PROSPEROUS living by implementing. these 4 philosophies:



Coach T. EnStacia White

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